Why STI-Testing?

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Why STI-Testing?

STI testing

Sexually transmitted infections are not a rarity in the world. Every year an average of hundreds of thousands of People are infected with one of these infections. Often the infected persons are not aware of the infection. STI can, however, have serious consequences, so it is extremely important to carry out an STI testing regularly. The result of the test indicates whether you have an infection or not. Regular control ensures that you can quickly discover and treat the disease.

When should you perform an STI test?

If you had unprotected sex, it is understandable to perform an STI test. Sexually transmitted infections can be transmitted via the genital organs, but also through the mouth, the blood or via the sperm. Even if only oral contact with the other was carried out, in which no condom was used, an STI test still has to be done. A sex disorder can already be transmitted by kissing, even if this chance is relatively low. The most common cause of transmitting sexually transmitted infections is however still sex without the use of a condom.

The consequences of an STI are not always directly noticeable. Often it takes a day, sometimes weeks, before the complaints arise. The risk of some sexually transmitted infections is that you do not realize that you are infected. Thus, the infection can continue to be transmitted. Even if no symptoms occur, you should still perform an STI test. The sexually transmitted infections are transferable, whether or not they are perceptible. An STI test is reliable and does not cost much time and money.

How does the STI test work?

An STI test can be performed in various ways. The choice depends on the sexual activities and personal preferences of the patient. Two common diseases are gonorrhea and chlamydia. A simple urine examination can show in these diseases whether you are infected. These diseases can also be tested by transferring cells from the penis or the vagina, the anus or the neck to a cotton swab and tested in the following.

If the symptoms of a STI are noticeable, then you can opt for a full physical examination. Here, the symptoms of sexually transmitted infections are examined. In this way, it is possible to determine whether a STI is being talked about and which STI it is exactly. This is a very effective form of an STI testing, because it determines directly which STI you are infected with. Thus, a good treatment can be made so that the symptoms of the disease can be reduced or even completely cured.

At usahometest.com you can also order an anonymous test at home. If the result is positive, we advise you to contact your GP immediately.

For more information visit www.cdc.gov