How to order home test for STDs

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How to order home test for STDs

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Since 2008, have we providing home certified, approved and doctor recommended Rapid Screen Test Kit’s, that require just a few drops of self-collected finger stick blood, a small urine sample or a saliva sample. Our accuracy is unsurpassed; our test kit’s complete; and all our test products are designed to be used from the comfort and privacy of your home. What could be easier?

STD Testing Online Process

Home Testing Procedure

Using our home self- test kit is easy – depending on the test you are taking you will need a urine sample or a tiny blood sample from your finger. Once you have taken your sample you will add one drop of blood or urine sample to the round well of the test cassette. Wait 20 seconds, and add Two drops of diluents solution, to the round well of the cassette.

STD Test Result in 20 Minutes

Read Your Results

After 20 minutes, one line will appear if the test is negative. Two lines indicate that an infection were detected and that you have a STD infection. If you are diagnosed as having an STD, the right thing to do is to inform your recent sexual partners of this fact, and contact your doctor for medical treatment.


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