HIV antibody test

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HIV antibody test


The HIV antibody test is a blood examination to figure out if the individual has entered into contact with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. If an individual has come into contact with the infection their immune system will produce antibodies to combat the infection; it is these antibodies that are found in the test. Generally, antibodies are created between 2- and 8-weeks complying with infection with HIV, however, it can take much longer for the tests to find them in some people.


HIV antibody test 20 minutes result

If the examination declares an additional examination will be done to confirm the result. When the outcome is verified it means that the individual has HIV - i.e., they are HIV-positive.


Exactly what is the HIV Fourth Generation (blood example) Residence Examination Kit?


p24Antigen Test.

The p24 antigen HIV 5th Generation is a healthy protein that becomes part of the HIV virus. It is generated in high quantities early when HIV infection coming to be established in an individual's body and a p24 antigen examination will identify HIV infection at an earlier stage than an HIV antibody test.


HIV Antibody Test.

The HIV antibody test 4th Generation is an easy blood examination which detects the presence of antibodies to HIV 1 and HIV 2. The HIV antibody is a protein naturally created in the body in action to an infection by the HIV. The antibody testing test is important because it supplies you with a very early indication that you have actually been infected with the HIV. The early indicator could aid minimize the possibility of creating an ailment related to AIDS.


The 'home window period'

The home window duration of an HIV test describes the moment it could draw from when somebody comes to be contaminated until an examination can discover the infection. This can differ depending upon the test used (e.g. antibody test or antibody and antigen test) yet can be up to three months.