Genital Herpes Overview

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Genital Herpes Overview

The Herpes viruses can cause blisters and sores in the genital area and it is transmitted via sexual intercourse or oral sex. Herpes is very common and if you've gotten the virus it remains in the body throughout life. Not all who have herpes may be trouble with blisters and sores. There is nothing you can do to get rid of the virus, but the Symptoms can be alleviated with medication.

Genital herpes, or HSV2 the it is also called, is a sexually transmitted disease que can cause small blisters and sores on or around the genitals. Herpes is due to a virus That Is BOTH safe and very common.

If you've gotten the virus it will not disappears, but remain in the body throughout life. But the long as you have the Symptoms you notice are not of it. They know not even the many They have herpes virus in the body because They never get any eruption or troublesome.

The only way to confirm if the herpes virus is present in your body is to get tested. Using our herpes bundle test kit is the safest and quickest way to get tested. All is done in the comfort of you own home and test result is ready after 20 minutes.

How is genital herpes transmitted?

Genital herpes is transmitted Mainly When You have fri. The risk of transmitting it to someone else is greatest When You have blisters or ulcers but it can be transmitted Also When You do not notice yourself That You Have the Symptoms.

The type of herpes That You can get around the mouth is another type of herpes virus (HSV1), but if you have oral fri oral herpes can be Also transmitted to the genital area.

The herpes virus dies quickly outside the body and Therefore you can not be infected by using the same toilet, sharing towels or soak in the tub to someone who has herpes.

If you Become pregnant it is usual for your doctor to asked if you have genital herpes. This is because if the mother has blisters or sores labor During the herpes can be transmitted to the child.

If you have signs of herpes During the last month of pregnancy can get medicine so That You can be good at giving birth.

How do you find That You Have Herpes?

not even the many notice que They have genital herpes since it is common to not have any Symptoms or the Symptoms are barely noticeable. The only way to find out is to have a genital herpes test.

When it shows Usually start with skin feels sore and it can sting or stick. After a while it starts to itch. Then you get sometimes small blisters. The blisters are whitish in color and fluid-filled, When They burst, They Become ulcers. Sometimes the wounds immediately, because the bubbles burst so quickly.

It Usually takes from a few days to a few weeks from the team got herpes until it breaks in October

Herpes can sit anywhere in the genital area. In and around the vagina or penis or scrotum. You can Also get herpes outbreaks around the anus, urethra, and on the buttocks and thighs.

If it is the first team you get herpes can get fever and feel unwell Generally.

Many only get an outbreak. If the Symptoms come back several times, it is Usually milder and Often is it related to stress or have an infection in the body, for example When You have a cold.

What to do if you think you have herpes?

If you suspect That You Have got herpes Genital Herpes test helps you to determine if you have the herpes virus in you body or not. You are provided with everything you need to preform the test at home and the test result are visibly after only 20 minutes.

How do I get rid of herpes?

You can not get rid of the herpes virus, but there are drugs que make outbreaks are not as tough and goes faster. They are prescription and must be prescribed by a doctor. The best effect giving the medicines if you start taking Them early, preferably before you get blisters.

How to protect yourself against herpes?

To protect yourself against genital herpes you should use condoms if one has fri anal intercourse or. You shouldnt Also use a condom if you have oral fri with a man.

Condoms are good Also if you use fri toys as a dildo, or wash it on after you have used it.

If you have herpes you shouldnt be extra careful to protect Themselves When You have blisters, sores or other signs of the disease are the to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others.

You shouldnt Also be sure to wash your hands after you've been to the toilet or if you touched the blisters because otherwise Could get an infection in the eye if you happen to rub there.