Cold Sores – Herpes around the mouth

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Cold Sores - Herpes around the mouth

Cold sores is not dangerous and very common. It is due to herpes viruses Usually. The Herpes virus will never Disappears it, REMAIN THROUGHOUT life in the body. But there are various Means to help During The Current Outbreaks You have time.

With the help of our Herpes Simplex Testing Bundle Kit, can you test HSV1 and HSV2 Both yourself, easy and quick home testing. The test result is visible after only 20 minutes and HSV1 and HSV2 Difference between.

As long as you do not get any outbreak, you will not Have Any Problems with the virus. Many do not even know herpes virus They Have in the body Because They never get any Outbreaks.

How is Cold Sores Transferred?

Cold Sores Herpes is transmitted through saliva, and spread mainly when you kiss or kissing someone. You can Also avoid, for example, sharing lip balm or drinking from the same bottle as others or someone else When You have herpes sores or blisters, That, Although the risk is transmitted in it This Way is small. The greatest risk of transferring the herpes just the beginning of an outbreak, though you can Also transferring the virus When You Have Do not have any symptoms.

If you get genital herpes is a different type of Usually herpes virus, but if you Have oral sex oral herpes can be transmitted to the Present your vagina or

How do I notice That I have cold sores?

To have the herpes virus in the body is very common and many people have it without even Knowing not everyone gets it Because blisters.

If you get blisters Usually it start with an unpleasant and stinging sensation Often in the lip or the skin around the mouth. After a while it starts to itch. Then you get groups of small fluid-filled blisters can be painful That. When the blisters burst, They Become ulcers. Usually the symptoms go over in a week.

It Usually Takes from a few days to a few weeks from the time you got the herpes virus you notice the first Until symptoms. But Sometimes it can take much longer.

If the outbreak comes back Often it do it in When You Have are stressed or any infection in the body,: such as When You have a cold. Some May Also be symptoms of being in the hot sun. It is common Present During your period.

What do I do if I think I have cold sores?

If it is the first time you get cold sores, or if they come back and are difficult Often You should get tested to find out herpes virus Which You Have Been infected with.

How do I get rid of cold sores?

You can not get rid of the herpes virus, but the wounds heal by themselves. There are prescription creams and patches Also available at pharmacies. They can do that the outbreak will not be as tough and They go over faster. If You have severe symptoms, a doctor prescribes pills May. The best effect giving if you begin early treatment, preferably as soon as it starts to sting the skin.

How do I protect myself Against cold sores?

When You have cold sores, be sure to You should wash your hands to spread the herpes virus not to other parts of the body, eyes or genitals, or to other persons.

To not transmit herpes to others, You should refrain from kissing Also, kissing and oral sex give When You Have sors. You can avoid sharing Simple past: such as lip balm and drink from the same bottle.

If You have a tendency to get cold sores by the sun, it is good to use sunscreen with a high protection factor school on the lips.