Chlamydia Test Kit

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Chlamydia and Chlamydia Test Kit


Chlamydia infection is caused by bacteria - Chlamydia trachomatis.


Chlamydia remains the most common bacterial sexually transmitted disease in USA. Between 1989 and 1995, the number of diagnosed cases decreased, but since 1996 have the number of chlamydia cases increased. We do not know the reason for the increase, but since the increase now been 15% annually in USA for over 5 years, it must primarily be due to changed behavior. Probably not protect yourself with condoms less often during sexual intercourse with a new partner as before. Because chlamydia usually produces no symptoms, it can spread quickly if you do not use condoms during sexual intercourse. It is important to get a Chlamydia test kit when you had unprotected sex with a new partner!



Chlamydia test kit at home, fast and secured with visible test result in 20 minutes.



Symptoms: Chlamydia infection which is always contagious can manifest itself in the following ways:


1. The bacteria multiply rapidly and gives trouble with discharge from the urethral meatus and / or vagina and pain when urinating. The symptoms 1-3 weeks after infection.


2. The bacteria multiply quickly, yet provide only minimal or no symptoms. Important to get a Chlamydia test kit for testing at home.


3. bacteria multiply slowly lie dormant in the cells, sometimes for many years. It has no symptoms. Sometimes they multiply rapidly and then cause problems.


Over half of the men who are found to have chlamydia have no symptoms and women are over 75% no symptoms!


Treatment: Antibiotics in 7 - 10 days. Sometimes an antibiotic is given as a single dose. Supervisory control with a Chlamydia test kit is always performed after 4 weeks


Risks: Untreated chlamydia infection in women can yield a fallopian tube infection (often without symptoms), which in turn can lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy (the fertilized egg grows in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus). Men can get a testicle infection. Both men and women can get joint problems and an eye infection.


Survey: Chlamydia testing with Chlamydia test kit urine samples. Many choose to order home test from Women who test positive for chlamydia should always do a gynecological examination, because you can have other infections simultaneously. The samples are good, but not 100% sensitive. One can thus have chlamydia; the sample did not show it. Chlamydia test kit becomes positive earlier than one week after they become infected.


Because chlamydia usually produces no symptoms should always check out 1-3 weeks after a temporary unprotected sexual contact or the beginning of a steady relationship, if you previously had unprotected sex. There is the risk that counts!