At Home Herpes Test

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At Home Herpes Test


At home herpes test can be performed without any outbreak, easy and fast herpes testing at home. Visible at home herpes test result in 20 minutes.


The herpes virus found in two classes


  • TYPE 1 causes cold sores or so-called oral herpes. May attack sex, but this is less common.
  • TYPE 2 Causes genital herpes. Can infect other parts of the body, although it is less common.


Herpes simplex has two varieties that can attack either the genitals or mouth. Both virus’s can can attack other parts of the body. At home herpes test is the fastest and most secure herpes test on the market.


Herpes - as common as a cold

Surveys show that about 80% of USA population is infected with herpes simplex type 1, which attacks the mouth. About 20% develop cold sores regularly, others infected are so-called silent carriers. 80% of those infected never develop any symptoms but infects other healthy people with the virus. This is the main reason that herpes is so prevalent.


Genital Herpes - the most common sexually transmitted disease

60.5 million USA citizens are infected with genital herpes. Only 25,2 million people out of these develop regular sores and herpes rashes in the genital area. Other people infected are unaware of their infection and continue to infecting others.


Most people who are infected with herpes show no symptoms

There are relatively few people who are infected with herpes get sores and herpes blisters. It is the immune system that decide if you develop herpes lesions or not. A person who has been infected by herpes for 20 years without symptoms may suddenly start developing herpes lesions.


You will never be cured of herpes simplex

Have you once infected with the virus will never be rid of it.  The Herpes virus disease cannot be cured and live dormant in the nervous system in the spinal sensory ganglia between outbreak. Unfortunately, there is currently no vaccine or cure for herpes. There are ointments available and medicines that stimulate the immune system to resist a herpes outbreak or heal it faster.


The virus strikes when your immune system is weak

Genital herpes virus usually wakes up in the samba with periods of generally weaker immune response. Many things affect the immune system for example, poor sleep, stress, and especially depression. It is very common to get herpes rash while in the sun frequently, and especially when you are on holiday in warmer climes. The herpes virus has a tendency for those who develop ulcers to be most active during the first 5-10 years after infection, then begins the outbreak occur less frequently.


The infection is spread through sexual intercourse

Most people who become infected with genital herpes infection during sex and intercourse. The virus is most contagious when you have exuding wounds, and these come in contact with skin. Outside the body of a live virus very short time. Therefore, the possibility of contracting herpes through toilet seats, towels and underwear just theoretical possibly. The possibility exists but the virus dies quickly in these environments. Yet another way to become infected is during birth when the pregnant woman has a genital herpes outbreak, infecting the newborn.


Signs of infection - so you know you are infected with genital herpes

The first time you get herpes rash on sex, you often get a little fever and pain in the groin and lymph nodes. Hereafter herpes rash usually initially itch and sting, and you feel a small ball under / in the skin. After one day form a blister-like rash that burst and form an ulcer. This phase of the disease process is often painful and difficult with a wound exuding himself and hurts, you are most likely to infect others in the process. The outbreak would usually be over in about 1-2 weeks.


At home herpes test can be performed without any active outbreak, you can be infected with the herpes virus without having any symptoms our outbreak.

Usually place of genital herpes rash:

Around the vaginal opening and just inside.
On the shaft of the penis.
On the scrotum.
On the buttocks, lower back or around the anus.



Genital herpes is a harmless infection

Although genital herpes is cumbersome and you can actually have some problems with ulcers in the disease, the virus is harmless. Research is underway into how the virus affects our body's immune system and there are thoughts on the immune system may build up defenses against infection through exposure to herpes simplex. With all the security research will in the future be able to show some connection with other diseases, both positive and negative.


When herpes becomes a health risk

The greatest risk lies in the wound that causes the infection. These can be difficult to heal, and there is always the risk that it may result in infections, open wounds which can lead to infection. These cases can become serious if you do not get medical attention and antibiotics. A newborn children infected by herpes can be due to non-adapted immune systems have major problems. The virus can infect and affect the mouth, nose and airways, causing at worst meningitis and put the child in fatal. For women who suffer their first herpes infection during childbirth usually be necessary by Caesarean section.

Quick Facts herpes

  • herpesvirus
  • Viruses: Herpes simplex
  • Distribution: 80% of the Swedish population
  • Symptoms: Ulcers, pain, itching, fever, feeling
  • At home herpes test: Yes
  • Vaccines: No
  • Remedy: No
  • Medications: Yes
  • Forecast: Not curable viral infection