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STD Test Near Me Free

STD Test Near Me Free
STD Test no Waiting USA

Sexual Transmitted Diseases

STDs are a collective name for infections that can be transmitted through sexual contact. Most STDs are easy to treat and cure while others are not. An abbreviation that often is used for STDs is STI. It stands for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Knowledge ofSTD test near me free and STD symptoms for men and how they are transmitted helps you to take better care of you and your partners.

If you are a man or have sex with men, a condom can be excellent protection against getting infected or infecting someone with an STD. If you are a woman who has sex with women, it is good to know that it is unusual for serious STIs, such as HIV, to infected during sex between women.

If you regularly test yourself, regardless of your gender and sexual preferences, you minimize the risk of carrying an STD and expose your and others’ health to unnecessary risks. If you suspect you have had an STD, test yourself.


Gonorrhea is caused by the gonococcus, which is a bacterium. The disease has recently become more common around the world. A sharp increase in the number of gonorrhea cases has also been seen in the USA in recent years. The majority of gonorrhea cases reported in the USA today are infected in the USA.

Modes of transmission
The gonococcus is a bacterium that can settle in the sheath, urethra, throat, and rectum. Since the gonococcus is a bacterium, it infects easily, so it does not need contact with sperm or slit secretion for it to infect. The bacterium infects most easily with unprotected anal and vaginal intercourse but can also be transmitted with hands, mouth, and sex toys.

Incubation period
The time from being infected to the onset of the disease is short, STD test near me free and you can get symptoms already after 3 to 7 days.


Removes from the urethra, sheath, and rectum, and it stings when peeing. However, most people who have the gonorrhea bacterium in the rectum or pharynx have no symptoms but are still infectious.

Testing and Sampling
When sampling, it is important to take samples from all the premises where gonorrhea bacteria can be found, ie from urine and / or vagina, rectum, and pharynx. Sometimes gonorrhea is carried only in one of the places.

The treatment consists of antibiotics, usually in injection form and sometimes in combination with tablets. Incorrect treatment of gonorrhea can cause the bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics and thus more difficult to treat, which is a growing problem in the world. Following treatment, control samples are taken to see that the infection has healed. Untreated gonorrhea can eventually cause fever, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, testicles, prostate, and lead to sterility.

Hepatitis B

In everyday speech, this disease is called Jaundice. The virus causes inflammation of the liver.

Modes of transmission
The virus is transmitted via blood and other body fluids.

Incubation period
Two to six months after the infection.

Hepatitis B Symptoms
The disease often causes fever, nausea, possibly vomiting, and eventually yellowness of the skin and the whites of the eyes.

Dark port wine-colored urine and light, putty stools may occur. Not everyone gets yellow, but most people are bothered by fatigue and can have a poor appetite.

Hepatitis B Testing
Diagnosis can be made via a blood test.

There is no specific treatment, and the disease usually heals itself. It is possible to vaccinate against hepatitis B. Men who have sex with men are recommended to vaccinate themselves.

1-6 Infected with Herpes Simplex
STD testing Simple

Herpes HSV1 & HSV2

Herpes is blisters caused by a virus that is available in two forms and produces oral and genital herpes, respectively. The majority of the population is expected to carry the herpes virus. One-third of all people who carry the virus are completely symptom-free.

Modes of transmission
Touching the liquid bladders such as kisses, intercourse or sex games with fingers and mouth. Can also be infected without having any symptoms at all, since viruses can be secreted even in symptom-free.

STD test near me free kit, will give you a test result in 20 minutes at home.

Initially, an itchy spot that turns into small blisters that burst and begin to fluid. The first outbreak after the infection is evident and can be very painful. The outbreaks then tend to become milder gradually and disappear entirely.

Herpes Testing and Sampling
Samples can be taken from the fluid-filled blisters, but the herpes infection is usually so typical that samples do not need to be taken.

Herpes cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be significantly alleviated with an antiviral ointment that can be purchased without a prescription at a pharmacy. There is also a prescription treatment for more severe outbreaks.


HIV is a viral infection for which there is no cure yet.

Modes of transmission
HIV can be transmitted at sex games where the virus enters the body’s bloodstream via blood, semen, or slit secretions.
Incubation period

About one to four weeks after the infection, nearly half of those infected get infected with a so-called acute (primary) HIV infection. It manifests as a flu-like illness with fever and sore throat, as well as a rash on the body.

HIV infection causes the immune system to deteriorate, and the body becomes susceptible and defenseless to infections.

HIV Testing at Home
An HIV test consists of a blood test. To test yourself for HIV, you can do so already six weeks after the sex occasion. About half of all HIV-infected people test positive already two weeks after infection.

So far, it has proved impossible to eradicate HIV from the human body. In other words, you are not cured of your HIV infection when you take medical treatment, brake medication, for the disease.

On the other hand, the progress of the HIV virus in the body is reduced, while at the same time preventing damage that can occur as a result of it. The contagiousness of well-functioning treatment is close to zero.



Chlamydia is a common venereal disease in the USA. Chlamydia spreads quickly widely because many do not get symptoms of the infection. More than half of infected men do not notice at all that they have had chlamydia, and about 70% of women with chlamydia have no symptoms. But the risk of complications and of infecting someone else is, of course, equally significant for that.

Modes of transmission
Chlamydia is a bacterium and infects quickly, so it does not need contact with sperm or slit secretion for it to become infected. The bacterium infects quickly with unprotected anal and vaginal intercourse but can also be transmitted during sex games with hands, mouth, or sex toys.

Incubation period
The time from being infected until the disease breaks out and you get any

Symptoms are a few days to any week.

Floating and / or burning in urethra and / or rectum. Chlamydia can also cause irritation to the throat. The majority of those infected do not experience any symptoms.

Test and Sampling
Urine and / or vaginal samples are left. Samples can also be taken from the throat and rectum. Sampling should be done no earlier than one week after the suspected infection.

The treatment consists of antibiotic tablets, and if you do not treat chlamydia, it can lead to inflammation of the genitals, urinary problems and / or fallopian tubes with a risk of infertility.

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STD Symptoms for Men

STD Syptoms for Men

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